Alcohol and Drug Programs

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nicole-and-loveLike many other communities, Sevier County faces the challenges of substance use and the crime and death rates from this abuse.
The Sevier County Office of Alcohol and Drug Programs, through funding from federal, state, and local government agencies, has formulated an inter-agency framework focused on the county-wide promotion of primary prevention, treatment, and recovery. 
Across the county, this framework calls on all sectors to work together to inform all residents with primary prevention materials and presentations introduced at K-12 grade school levels. Our current treatment and recovery efforts include partnerships with local nonprofit organizations specializing in recovery services. Judicial and workforce development programs are currently in place with steadily increasing success rates.
Overall prescribing of opioids has decreased dramatically since 2014, and our DEA Take back events are held twice a year with participation from all local law enforcement agencies. 
There is no single solution, but by working collaboratively across all departments and agencies, we can better serve all Sevier County's residents. ( unwanted or expired medication disposal site locator) ( SCSO Crime tips)
Early Intervention
Intervening early—before high school—is critical. Data suggest that patterns of substance abuse become worse in the high school years. Individuals who begin using alcohol or tobacco when they are very young are more likely to abuse them later in life, when quitting is much more difficult.
Resources: (NIDA)  (TN Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services)

The Tennessee REDLINE (1-800-889-9789) is a toll-free information and referral line coordinated by TAADAS and funded by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services. The purpose of the REDLINE is to provide accurate, up-to-date alcohol, drug, problem gambling, and other addiction information and referrals to all citizens of Tennessee at their request. The Redline provides referrals for Co-Occurring A&D disorders that arise along with Mental Health disorders. 

Education is one of our greatest assets in the cause of suicide prevention. This link has general information about suicide to better help you or someone you love.

Requests for primary prevention materials and group presentations can be directed to Nicole Ogle, Director of Alcohol and Drug Programs/Executive Director Sevier County C.A.R.E.S.
If your organization is interested in regional Naloxone training, please contact: Marissa Valentine, Sevier County CARES ROPS Coordinator, at
 Don’t be an accidental drug dealer! 
The Sevier County Office of Alcohol and Drug Programs offers a limited number of lock boxes free of charge to Sevier County residents.

The following are resources and helpful information from our state and federal partners to support your continued, valuable contributions to the community and people you serve in battling America’s substance abuse crisis.

These sites are offered for your review and consideration as you practice social distancing in response to the COVID-19 environment. 

This information does not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Sevier County Office of Alcohol and Drug Programs.  

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