Emergency Communications

P.O. Box 4572
Sevierville, TN 37862-4572
865.428.5542 Voice
865.428.0310 Voice
865.429.4911 Fax
?Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
?Services Provided:The Sevier County Emergency Communications District is a non-profit, non-taxable government organization that is solely funded by telephone surcharges to businesses and residents of Sevier County. The SCECD is responsible for addressing and mapping all roads and improvements in Sevier County. The SCECD produces the Sevier County Road Map booklets that are published and sold to the public by the Mountain Press. The SCECD is also responsible for approval of all new street names in the county.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Where are you located? 245 Bruce Street.
  • How much do you charge for signing and reviewing subdivision plats? There is no charge.
  • How much do you charge for assigning an address? There is no charge.
  • How do you decide if a road name is acceptable or not? We prefer unique names of roads to make sure there are no duplications in the county. Duplication is not recommended because of the difficulty of road identification in an emergency situation and the general confusion it creates. To reserve a street name please call Vince Loveday.
  • How many addresses do you assign each year? It varies from year to year but generally we assign between 1800 to 2200 per year.
  • How many new streets are there each year? It varies from year to year but generally we have between 80 to 120 new streets per year.
  • When should I call 911? Only in true emergencies such as house fires, automobile accidents, medical emergencies, burglaries, etc.
  • What is enhanced 911 service? Enhanced 911 service provides the dispatcher with the your phone number, address/house number, and the name of the person the phone is registered to.
  • What are your guidelines for house numbers? We recommend that you have your house numbers prominently displayed on your house as well as your mailbox for easy identification in case of emergency. In case there are multiple dwellings please have the correct number on your structure, this makes it easier for emergency personnel to see and :identify. Most mailboxes should use three-inch reflective numbers or larger and house numbers are personal preference. Keep in mind that a house number can save valuable time in locating and providing emergency services to you and your loved ones.
  • Is your information public record? No, we do not provide personal information to anyone except other governmental agencies that have signed a non-disclosure contract with our agency.
  • How is information gathered for your database? We have various sources, i.e. post offices, phone company, landlords, SCECD field personnel, etc., that we use to keep our database current.