Vehicle Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Renewal

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  • Sevier County Residents: You must reside in Sevier County to renew your tag at our office locations. If you have just moved to our county you will need to present your valid photo state or federal ID. Photo ID must reflect your current Sevier County address. If your ID does not reflect your current Sevier County address you will need to present 2 valid proofs of Sevier County residency.
  • Blue Plates:
    Class code 1000 (Standard)
    Class code 1001 (In God We Trust)
    Class code 2000 (Personalized)

  StandardPlate     TrustPlate

       Class Code 1000 (Standard)         Class Code 1001 (In God We Trust)

As of December 2022 all vehicles registered in the State of Tennessee plated with class code 1000, 1001, or 2000 should have a blue plate.  

Handicap Plate: Between January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 registered vehicles with a class code 1010 license plate will be issued a new blue plate. You will not receive the new plate until it is time for your current registration to expire. Renew handicap plate online

  • State Renewal Notices: As a courtesy Tennessee Department of Revenue sends out renewal notice postcards. If you do not receive it you are still obligated to renew your registration by your vehicle’s expiration date.
Postcard Example
PostcardSampleNotice_Page_1 PostcardSampleNotice_Page_2

  • Fast Renewal: You may renew online or at drive thru if your registration has not been expired up to 90 days.
  • Expired Registration: When renewing a vehicle registration that has been expired for over 90 days, the renewal must be done in the main office (inside Sevier County Courthouse or Gatlinburg location). The owner of the vehicle must be present or the person renewing registration is required to have power of attorney form completed by the owner. Power of Attorney Form

NON-USE: If your vehicle, motorcycle, camper or trailer has not been driven, broke down or otherwise not drivable since the registration has expired please download the General Affidavit form, complete in its entirety, present in our office at time of renewal. If you are not the owner of the vehicle you will also need power of attorney form listed above.

  • Early Renewal: Renewals are available 90 days in advance of the current expiration date (example: registration expires September 31, 2023 you can renew effective July 1, 2023)
  • Military: If you are a Tennessee resident and currently serve in the United States Military you are eligible to renew at any county clerk office in the State of Tennessee

In person or by mail:

  • Copy of LES showing Tennessee as home of record
  • Copy of stationing orders indicating you are out of state
  • Copy of registration
  • Payment if applicable including mail fee
  • Specialty Plates: Renewals are processed at all locations however; some new metal, specialty plates and personalized plates are only available at our main Sevier County Courthouse Office. Please call our office at (865) 453-5502, option 1 to confirm pick up locations. Some specialty license plates require membership or eligibility credentials, make sure to bring your documentation each time you renew. To determine plate eligibility Click Here
  • Personalized Plates: All personalized plates must be ordered through the State of Tennessee website.

      Click Here to order a personalized plate

  • Lost/Stolen Plate or Decal: A police report is required before you can apply for a replacement plate. The Officer's name and badge number is required. No police report is required to replace the decal. To replace a lost/stolen plate or decal, the registered owner must come to the County Clerk’s office with plate number. Must have valid photo ID. If the owner cannot be present, State law provides power of attorney by another person to handle the details. Click here for Power of Attorney form, make sure form is completed in its entirety.
  • The State of Tennessee vehicle renewals are only available for a 1 year period


Renewal Locations:

Please visit the courthouse or renew on line or drive thru.

Drive thru hours now 7:45 to 4:00 for renewal of plates and placards only. Please have correct change, local check or credit card.