Out of State Registration

Moving to Sevier County

When registering a vehicle from a different state you must surrender the out of state title to our office. You have 30 days to register your vehicle in the state of Tennessee from the first day you arrive. If there is a lien on the vehicle you will need to bring your current registration and the full name and mailing address of your lienholder. If you are moving from a state that issues you the title instead of the lienholder, you are then required to bring in the title. Anyone wishing to register a vehicle must provide proof of Tennessee residency. You must provide a valid state or federally issued ID. If your valid ID does not have your correct physical address, you will be required to furnish two proofs of residency or proof that you pay property tax in Sevier County.

Leased Vehicles

If you are leasing a vehicle, you will be required to furnish the out of state registration in the leasing company’s name, a Power of Attorney from the leasing company, a copy of the lease agreement, and a valid form of identification.