Tax Sale Information

Clerk and Master Carolyn P. McMahan was appointed in January 1983 with nineteen years experience as Deputy Clerk and Master.

Established by the Constitution of the State of Tennessee, the Chancery Court has original jurisdiction over certain other matters, as assigned to it by the legislature, some of them exclusively, others concurrently with the Circuit Court. The Chancery Court collects and distributes child support, collects delinquent property taxes for the county and administers conservatorships and investment of litigant funds paid into the court's registry. The Clerk and Master is the principal administrative aide to the Chancery Court, providing assistance in the areas of courtroom administration and records management, docket maintenance, revenue management, maintenance of court minutes, official communication, and various other court-associated duties. The Clerk and Master is appointed by the Chancellor for a six-year term pursuant to the state constitution.

The Clerk and Master files civil matters in Chancery Court, collects delinquent taxes and handles auctions to recover delinquent property taxes.

Tax Sale Information

  1. What is a tax sale?

An auction of parcels of property that have delinquent taxes.

  1. What is the date and time of the annual tax sale auction?

Contact the Clerk & Master’s Office at (865) 453-4654 for tax sale auction information.

  1. Where will the auction/sale be advertised?

Check local newspapers such as The Mountain Press, PO Box 4810, Sevierville, TN 37864.

  1. When is the auction/sale advertised tax sales advertised?

The auction list is published 20 to 30 days before the sale date.

  1. How and when do you register for the tax sale auctions?

You must be present to bid. Registration will begin 30 minutes prior to sale.

  1. Is it possible to register by mail? 

No, you cannot register by mail. You must be present to bid.

  1. What type of payment is required at auction?

Cash, money order, or check is required at the time of the sale.

  1. What type of bidding process are used?

This is an open public auction.

  1. Will the sales be final? 

The owner has one year to redeem the property.

  1. If there is a redemption period, does the investor earn interest during the redemption period? If so, what is the annual interest rate?

1% is earned per month on the property during the redemption period.

  1. If a foreclosure is necessary, will the county assist in this matter? 

No. The county does not assist with foreclosures.

  1. Do you allow investors to invest at your tax sales without attending the tax sale? 


  1. Is a current list of available properties or liens available? 

The available properties are published 20 to 30 days before sale. You may obtain a copy by contacting the local newspaper or the Clerk & Master's webpage.

  1. Would you please place me on your e-mailing list, if you have one?

There is no email list.

  1. Do you allow investors to invest at your tax sales without attending the tax sale? 

There are no properties available.

  1. When will the list of unsold/unbid-on property be available?  

There is rarely property remaining after an auction that has not been sold or bid on.  Check the Clerk & Master’s webpage for information.

For additional information regarding delinquent tax sales in Sevier County, Tennessee, please click on the link below: